River Fishing

River Fishing Controls:
Mouse to control angle of cast, mouse to reel in

About River Fishing

River Fishing has alot of things going for it, from it’s amazing graphics to it’s a simple yet somewhat addictive graphics this is a good flash game that you will want to try out!  It has some of the most enhanced graphics of any fishing game that we have seen so far, allowing you to experience the majestic beauty of some of the most amazing fishing spots around the world, it’s also nice that you can switch around where you are at so that you can change up the scenery at a whim while you are playing this fishing game.  That is a definite plus to this game.  So go ahead! Give it a shot you may be pleasantly surprised at how fun this game can be!  It does require some patience like the real thing so that might be a deterrent but still give it a shot you may find that you like it!

Summary of River Fishing

This is an excellent game that will get you wanting to go out and go fishing today with it's amazing scenery, superb graphics, simple gameplay, give it a shot today.
  • Excellent Scenery
  • Great Graphics
  • Simple Gameplay